What do you think about spiders? Many people have a real fear of these pests. Others don’t mind them too much but still get frustrated when they meet a web with their face. Regardless of whether you fear spiders or do not want to find these pests inside your Newtown Square home, we have some things for you to consider today. Call Cunningham Pest Control if you would like direct professional assistance to eliminate these pests indoors. Let us show you how pest control in Newtown Square can help you with unwanted spiders in your home. To learn more about spiders and the problems they cause, continue reading.

Types Of Spiders You May Find In Your Home

Spiders are everywhere. There are many different species of these pests here in Newtown Square. Some common types of spiders you should know about include jumping spiders, wolf spiders, cellar spiders, orb-weaver spiders, garden spiders, house spiders, black widow spiders, and brown recluse spiders. All of these local pests fall into two categories; ground spiders and web spiders. Ground spiders hunt insects and other prey from the ground, while web spiders build webs to catch their meals. Dealing with either one can be incredibly frustrating. The question is, do any local species pose a threat to your health?

Why A Spider Infestation In Your Home Can Be Problematic

Most common spiders that live in our area are completely harmless. Some have mild venom that will cause a slight pain reaction, and a couple has potent venom that may send you to a hospital. The two dangerous spiders you should know about are the brown recluse and the black widow. The good news is that most spider bites, including bites from these harmful arachnids, are dry bites. Dry bites are when fangs pierce the skin but do not inject venom, but do not bet on this. Real bites do occur, and people get hurt because of them. Call our professionals if you suspect a black widow or brown recluse is inside or around your home. We will help you identify these pests and get them out fast.

Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Your Home

Do you have time on your hands? If so, take action to protect your home against spiders. Here are a few simple DIY prevention tips. 

  • Identify and seal holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Repair damage to window and door screens.
  • Close unscreened doors and windows when they are not in use.
  • Invest in high-quality door sweeps for all exterior doors.
  • Install weatherstripping where it is needed.
  • Turn off all exterior lights at night.

If you do not have time or aren’t feeling particularly handy, consider bringing in our team for total spider control. We have many great options, not just for elimination but for prevention and detection as well. 

Total Spider Control For Your Home

When it comes to spider control, do not trust the first pest control company you see. Researching pest control companies is essential, and we encourage you to explore Cunningham Pest Control as well. Check out our about us page and read over our residential service options. We want you to make sure that we are a good fit for you and your home. If you are happy with what you see, schedule your home for a service visit. We will send a technician your way to inspect your living areas for spiders and offer some long-term treatments to get and keep these pests out.

Call us now to request a free estimate or for more information and learn more about how Cunningham Pest Control can help you combat spiders in Newtown Square