As we know all too well, bed bugs have become far more prevalent in recent years. While they are not known to cause property damage, they can cause severe itching and loss of sleep. Prolonged exposure to them can also cause scarring. For these reasons, tackling the bed bug problem is integral to Newtown Square pest control.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to extract bed bugs from their hiding places and the secrets to killing them. Then we’ll answer the most commonly asked questions about bed bugs. Lastly, if you have a bed bug issue, we’ll present you with a great option to fix the problem and eradicate bed bugs from your home.

Rooting Bed Bugs Out Of Their Hiding Places

Bed bugs are exceedingly tiny and hide during the day. They primarily come out of hiding at night in order to feed on our blood while we are asleep.

During the day, they often hide in our mattresses, the seams of furniture, near piping, in cracks on the head and footboards, between furniture cushions, and in drawer joints.

An effective technique to draw them out of these hiding places is mimicking the heat our bodies give off, especially at night. One way to do this is to use a steamer or a blow dryer. Apply the heat source to the areas where you suspect they are hiding, and the bed bugs will often come out. Aside from this, you can wait until nighttime when they come out naturally in order to feed.

The Secret To Killing Bed Bugs In Your Home

Understanding what kills bed bugs is imperative. The best ways to kill bed bugs are with traps and heat. Bed bug traps are quite effective, showing a high degree of efficacy with both male and female bed bugs at all stages of their life cycle.

The application of heat to bed bugs is a particular bed bug treatment. Steaming them directly and steaming the areas which they are inhabiting in order to draw them out kills them quickly when the temperature exceeds 120°F.

Answering Commonly Asked Bed Bug Questions

You might be curious about bed bugs and have some questions. We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions below:

Q: Why do I have bed bugs?
A: The most common way bed bugs enter a Newtown Square home is by hitching a ride to you, somebody else that lives in your home, your pet, or a piece of luggage.

Q: How big are bed bugs?
A: They are incredibly small, measuring between one and seven millimeters.

Q: Can bed bugs fly?
A: No, bed bugs cannot fly, but they can move around via crawling, especially at night.

Q: What do bed bugs eat?
A: Bed bugs feed on our blood while we sleep.

Q: Will the bed bugs just die on their own?
A: Bed bugs can live for years if left alone. All the while, they continuously breed, and their colony grows. Waiting to exterminate them will only make the problem worse.

Q: How do you get rid of bed bugs permanently?
A: Call Cunningham Pest Control

If you don’t see your question here, call us. We are happy to answer any further questions regarding bed bugs in Newtown Square or any other pest you may be dealing with.

Bed Bug Control Made Easy For Newtown Square Residents

While there are methods of coaxing out bed bugs from their numerous tiny hiding places in our home and killing them yourself, we always recommend calling a pest control professional.

Cunningham Pest Control is ready to take care of your Newtown Square bed bug control needs today and will treat your home like our own. We’ll get to the bottom of the infestation, exterminate all bed bugs, and help you with tricks to prevent the problem from returning.