What Are Ants?

Ants are a type of insect that belong in the insect order Hymen­optera. They are easily identifiable because of their constricted waist and three distinct body parts. They also have six legs, short, bent antennae, and reproductive ants are winged.

Ants live worldwide in almost any habitat. In nature, ants are helpful. They disperse seeds, are responsible for some pollination, and help aerate the soil. Ants are also important because they feed on and eliminate pests that damage crops, plants, and trees. They also help to break down decaying vegetation.

Unfortunately for us, when ants decide to call our yards home, they cause many problems and are extremely difficult to eliminate.

Ants are scavenging omnivores. They can eat many of the same foods we eat, so our properties often offer them multiple food sources. All our Havertown yards and homes will become home to ants at some time or another.

Are Ants Dangerous?

Most ants aren’t a direct threat to people or our property, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t problematic. Ants contaminate food and surfaces with the bacteria in their excrement and on their bodies and legs.

We need to note that some ants in Pennsylvania are dangerous and should never call our properties homes. Dangerous ants do things like bite, sting, spread disease, and cause structural damage.

To determine which type of ant has found its way onto your Pennsylvania property, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Cunningham Pest Control.

Why Do I Have An Ant Problem?

Ants are a problem because while most of the world’s ants live away from people, many live where we do.

The biggest problem with ants living where we do is that these social insects don’t invade our properties in small numbers; they invade by the hundreds or thousands. Once they find food, water, and shelter, either inside your home or in your yard, they will stake their claim and can create multiple nesting sites.

Ants are excellent communicators and leave pheromone trails to ensure the members of their colony can easily find their way to food sources. Once ants find a reliable food source like a garden, open trash can, a bowl of pet food, or an outdoor eating area, they will keep returning.

Where Will I Find Ants?

Most ants prefer to live outside, nesting in the ground. They build nests under rock piles, woodpiles, mulch, fallen trees, next to foundations, and in open sunny areas like the middle of our yards.

Ants living in our yards can easily find their way into our homes. They will move into our homes to escape harsh weather. However, they are more likely to move into our homes to be near the food sources they have discovered inside. When in our houses, ants build nests inside structural wood, wall voids, vents, electrical equipment, under floors, and above ceilings.

How Do I Get Rid Of Ants?

If you need help eliminating ants from your property, the professionals at Cunningham Pest Control are here to help. Our technicians pay attention to detail and can solve the problems you are experiencing with ants and other household pests. We provide targeted services that get to the root of your ant infestation and will work to stop a reinfestation from occurring.

Our technicians are committed to all our customers and provide comprehensive treatments in an environmentally conscious manner. To learn about residential pest control and commercial pest control in Havertown, please call today!

How Can I Prevent Ants In The Future?

Prevent ants from becoming a problem on your Pennsylvania property through professional ant control and the following prevention tips.

  • Routinely inspect your home for excess moisture, especially under sinks and around tubs.
  • Take away their easy access to food by always keeping lids on trash cans, recycling bins, and compost bins.
  • Maintaining a clean kitchen and regularly vacuuming your home will help to make your house’s interior less attractive to ants.
  • Keep ants out of your home by sealing any small openings or other cracks in its exterior.
  • Help keep ants from finding their way to your home by creating a crushed stone barrier between soil, grass, or mulch and its foundation.

If you need help with unwanted ants on your property, call Cunningham Pest Control to receive a free estimate and information about our home pest control options.